Adult's Care Plans

We provide a high standard of care provision within an environment that stimulates and encourages a feeling of well-being.


Some of our services are Recovery focused and work with the Recovery Star tool. This tool was designed by the Department of Health New Horizons programme (2009) and focuses on the following:


1.     Managing mental health

2.    Physical health & self-care

3.    Living skills

4.    Social networks

5.    Work

6.    Relationships

7.    Addictive behavior

8.    Responsibilities

9.    Identity & self-esteem

10.  Trust & hope


The Recovery Model enables staff to identify specific needs, provide support to clients and to monitor progress. This model enables both clients and staff to identify the "Now" and plot/monitor progress. As an outcome measure, it enables staff to measure and assess the effectiveness of the services we deliver. Our care plans are drawn alongside the care act assessment to ensure they are tailored to meet the individual's needs.


How can we prove its happening as promised?


Evidence regarding the day-to-day experiences of our clients and the support we offer can be found in the Care Planning and daily documentation. 


We encourage full involvement of our clients and their family member as well as the community support teams

The Stages of the clients support planning process includes:


1. Assessment of need

2. Planning and implementation of agreed support to meet individual needs

3. Regular review of planned support to ensure that identified needs are being met


To ensure best physical and psychological health is attained by the adult, We will ensure that the following are being carefully monitored:


1. Correct balance with respect to nutrition and fluids

2. Ensure clients have a range of social activities available, appropriate to their own individual needs.

3. Ensure clients retain their autonomy i.e scope for decision-making and control over their own day-to-day experiences.

4. Ensure spiritual and religious needs are being catered for.

5. Ensure optimum health is achieved by early referral to primary health support team specialist.